What others have said

"Running a small business means most of my learning comes from experience rather than formal courses and this book made me realise how much of my learning in the last 17 years has been driven by my kids. I just wish Adam had written this book seventeen years ago so I could have fully benefitted from the arrival of my first child!"
- Mike Armstrong, Managing Director, The Cog Research Consultancy

"We are traditionally encouraged to leave our work at the office but very rarely to bring our family lives to work. Through anecdotes, advice (and situations that every parent will recognise with a wry smile), Adam shows how some domestic behaviours can have a positive and powerful impact on the way we work and the way we work with others".
- James Gordon-MacIntosh, parent to Imogen and Managing Partner and co-founder at Hope & Glory PR

"As a working Dad I never realised that there were so many lessons to be learnt from parenting that can be used in the workplace and vice-versa... Adam's perfectly formed book illustrates the parallels and is educational, entertaining and, best of all, engaging!"
- Robert Callway, Children's TV Director

"Far from being 'nonsense' (as the author's young daughter suggests) Adam Margolin should be relieved to learn that his approach to Making Business Child's Play is filled with eye-catching insights and practical strategies for managers and parents alike".
- Dr. Jonathan Reynolds, Academic Director, Oxford Institute of Retail Management

"As a new father myself, Making Business Child's Play had me nodding in agreement page after page. There are certainly some good parallels with my own experiences of both parenting and business".
- Toby Britton, Managing Director, The Flavour Media

"A quick, easy and thought provoking read. An interesting concept and undeniably we can all learn from the behaviour of children".
- Claire Furlong, Head of Marketing and Communications, UKA

"I have often wondered why, as adults, we lose the behaviours and capabilities that helped us to manoeuvre our way through the complexities of early life. And why the effective parent at home is so often the ineffective manager at work. After all so many of the skills needed to organise, guide or mentor our children would obviously deliver more in the workplace than those MBA techniques that we have all studied and practice. In this book, Adam Margolin shows us how we need to remaster the skills and techniques that we observe in our children and that we all once possessed. By identifying the parallels between what goes on at home and at work, we see how we can transfer behaviours to create a more successful, harmonious and effective workplace".
- Laura Haynes, Chairman, Appetite

"A useful skip through some often overlooked aspects of people management - made more memorable since we've all been experts once... but it may have been a few years ago!"
- Mick Style, Managing Director, MEC Manchester

"In my time at Honeypot I have been humbled and inspired by the stories of the children we help. It is great that Adam has shared his insightful knowledge and experiences in this book and I hope that it informs and inspires readers to think more creatively (as children often do!) about their journey as adults, parents and employees".
- Richard Cooper, Corporate Partnerships Manager, Honeypot

"Adam has done an excellent job of identifying a common set of weaknesses in everyday business management, and giving an easy to understand context as to why there should really be no excuses".
- Roger Siddle, Group Chief Executive, Findel

"I can very much relate to Adam's comparisons with children and their behaviour. Making Business Child's Play is so thought-provoking, logical and full of analogies. Whether or not you have children, this book can really help you to free yourself and move forward in your career".
- Jennifer Sawdon, Singer, Songwriter & Pianist

"Success without the sweat... whilst not a parent, as an athlete I can relate to so much of this book. It was so punchy, even I had time to read it despite my busy training schedule".
- Jenny Meadows, World and European 800m Medallist

"This draws together many parallels of parenting and workplace behaviours. It made me smile as I read the examples - yes!! I'd been there too! Read and relate".
- Steve Parkin, Managing Director, SP Group

"Children are often an inspiration and continually help us learn by giving us startling insights. Adam has undertaken a structured analysis of his experiences and how they could be translated into more effective strategies at work, which are simple but effective. Whilst much of the read is common sense, which makes it easy to relate to, the real challenge is living it every day and not just talking about it".
- Alison Hutchinson, CEO, The Pennies Foundation

"Having read Adam's book it's now very clear that Stanley (age 10) and Daisy (age 7) have been 'managing upward' for some years. The notion that the negotiating skills I have unwittingly honed on them might be redeployed to equal effect in the workplace is intriguing, though, not least because I have referred to my work colleagues as 'like a bunch of kids' more than once. It also goes much of the way to explaining the popularity of 'free chocolate Fridays' with my colleagues. Curly Wurly anyone? But only in exchange for best behaviour, obviously".
- Darren Styles, Managing Director, Stream Publishing