What's it all about

I read a quote that said "While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about". My children were the inspiration for this book and through parenting and watching them develop and grow I have learned so much.

Chapter 1: Preparing for a new arrival

Can you imagine bringing a child home from the hospital and only then considering where they might sleep? Or what they might eat, sit on or wear? Of course not. All of this planning is carried out beforehand to make the transition for both the parents and the child as easy and as positive an experience as possible. Chapter one looks at why what happens at work for new starters is almost always the exact opposite and what we should do differently.

Chapter 2: Finding the time

Once we have children, we have no choice but to change our daily routines. Everything we had to do before, from paperwork to tidying the house still has to happen and we instinctively adapt to find the time. We prioritise, schedule, manage distractions and interruptions, organise, multi-task and avoid procrastinating. Chapter two suggests ways in which we can use these behaviours in a variety of other situations, including at work, where we struggle to manage our time as effectively.

Chapter 3: Learning new things

Children have a passion to learn and we behave in a supportive, encouraging and helpful way to ensure they develop and grow. We sometimes forget that the people working for us are striving to achieve and if we had the same attitude as with our children, and gave them the time and support they need to develop it would pay dividends in the long term. Chapter three looks at ways we can ensure both ourselves and our teams at work can continue to learn and thrive.

Chapter 4: Asking why?

Curiosity can jump start the creative process and is critical to almost any decision making, planning or brainstorming activity. But how many of us have stopped asking why? How many of us are asked to do something by people we work with, or our bosses, and just write down the request, walk away and try to get on with it? Chapter four encourages us to behave like children and continue to ask why, even when it is difficult.

Chapter 5: Improving our attention

The ability to focus totally on one thing comes naturally to us all when we are young but becomes more challenging as we get older. We have more distractions, we struggle to focus and concentrate and as a result, we fail to get on with the work we are meant to be doing. Chapter five looks at techniques to help us improve our attention as well as ways to grab and hold other people's attention.

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